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Regular price 6,736.00TL
Sale price 6,736.00TL Regular price 9,979.00TL
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Regular price 6,736.00TL
Sale price 6,736.00TL Regular price 9,979.00TL
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Pain-Free & Effective IPL

Koframa IPL Flashes At 10 Ms, Which Is Up To 4 Times Longer
Than Competitor IPL*. This Means Light Is Less Likely To Be
Absorbed By The Melanin In Your Skin And More By The Melanin
In Your Hair For Safer. And More Effective At-Home Treatments.


Cheaper Then Shaving,
Effective Like Laser

Completely Pain-Free

Commit To Your Comfort With 6 Intensity Levels And Experience A
Pain-Free Treatment.

Results From Our Satisfied Customers

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I love that this handset feels cooler on my skin versus the other one. It's so easy to use and I'm already seeing results just after a few weeks.

Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 1.23.04 AM.png

I am still using it to diminish the arms and leg hair volume, but I realised my skin is turning silky smooth as compared to last time when I simply shave.

Screenshot 2024-04-05 at 1.22.58 AM.png

I was a little skeptical, but have been using for going on 2 months and am very impressed!!



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Shave, Epilate The Area To Remove The Hair
Select The Right Light Intensity For Your Skin Tone
Put The Laser On Desired Spot
Press The "flash' Button To Start Your Routine


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Completely Pain-Free
— Cassandra Bankson
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Cheaper Then Shaving, Effective Like Laser

Choose KOFARMA IPL For A More Cost-Effective Hair Removal Option
And Make Your Time More Meaningful.
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Smooth, soft skin

Learn more
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Save time & money

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What is IPL? How does the handset work?
IPL stands for intense pulsed light. It works similarly to laser hair removal, only it’s way easier and safe to do at home. Our IPL handsets work by emitting wavelengths that target pigment in the hair. As the light is absorbed, it turns to heat, which then kills hair growth cells. Hair grows back slower and sparser, reducing hair growth permanently overtime.
Is IPL hair removal safe? Can it cause cancer?
IPL is a popular, well-researched option for safe and effective long-term hair removal. Our IPL handsets are FDA-cleared for safe at-home use. They are also certified by FCC, CE, & RoHS. 

IPL hair removal does not cause cancer or other long-term complications caused by UV exposure. All UV rays are filtered to protect your skin.
Does using the IPL handset hurt?
Nope! Unlike other types of hair removal, IPL is basically painless – no clenching your teeth, nicking your knee, or ripping anything off. In higher settings, those with sensitive skin may experience discomfort, but sticking with a lower intensity level makes treatment very gentle.
How long will it take before I see results? Is IPL hair removal permanent?
Most customers notice a reduction of hair growth after just 3-4 uses, then complete results after 12 uses.

Some people experience complete and total baby-soft hairlessness after around 12 uses and throw away their razors for good. Others sometimes require touch-ups beyond that, and that’s fine too! 

As long as you use your IPL handset as directed, you’ll enjoy a permanent reduction of hair growth!
How often do I need to use my IPL handset?
We recommend completing IPL treatment once a week for 12 consecutive weeks. If you’d prefer, you can use it up to twice a week for faster results.

After the initial 12-week treatment period, use your IPL handset once a month for three months, or as needed. From then on, plan on using your IPL handset for touch-ups as you spot any new hair growth, typically once every 2-3 months.
How is the IPL handset powered? Will it work in my country? Plug type?
Our handsets are dual voltage (110V~240V), so they work everywhere in the world. Every IPL Handset comes with a 12V power supply with the correct plug type for your country. (e.g., USA orders receive 2 straight prongs, EU receive 2 round prongs.)
Do I have to shave before using IPL? Which other hair removal methods can I use?
Don’t toss your razors just yet! Shaving is an important step in preparing your skin for IPL treatment. Shaving takes your hair down just enough to prevent burns while leaving the root intact under the surface so your IPL handset can target it. Other forms of hair removal, such as waxing and tweezing, remove the hair root entirely, inhibiting IPL treatment. Consider using the 4D Shaver to prep your skin for IPL treatment.

That being said, if the area you’re treating is already hairless and smooth to the touch, shaving isn’t necessary.

If you’re planning on using your IPL device on your face, we recommend dermaplaning before treatment.
How do I clean my handset?
To clean your handset, first disconnect the device from the electricity supply. Then, wipe the device down with a clean, dry cloth and 70% alcohol. (Don’t use acetone or other abrasive fluids – they may damage your handset.) Then, use a dry cloth or paper towel to dry the device.

Never immerse your handset or any of its parts in water.
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